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Phottix L-478DR-U-PX meter combined with a Phottix ARES II trigger and receiver
Sekonic L-478DR-U-PX meter combined with a Phottix ARES II trigger and receiver

Sekonic L-478DR-U-PX meter combined with a Phottix ARES II trigger and receiver

SKU: 401-476ARESII

The Sekonic L-478DR-U-PX meter with Phottix Strato built in is an excellent meter for meausuring light. Combined with an ARESII transmitter and receiver you now have tools that allow you to trigger any brand of speed light, strobes, compact lights and pack lights.


Items Include:

1. One Transmitter and One Receiver units.
2. Printed gift box.
3. Carrying bag for one set transmitter + receiver. (Ares bag)
4. Phottix 3.5 (male) to 3.5 mm (male) Sync Cord (40cm) with 6.3mm adapter
5. Hand lanyard for both TX & RX
6. Printed user manual
7. Warranty card
8. AA batteries NOT included.

L-478DR-U-PX Meter
  • DTS Software
  • Strap
  • Soft Case
  • Anti-glare sheet for LCD Screen
  • Startup Guide (L-478DR-PX Series)
  • Safety sheet


Weight1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg)
Dimensions5.75W X 4.5H X 8.25D in.
(14.61 X 20.96 cm)

Sekonic Meter Features

  • Full featured Ambient-Flash modes including new T-F mode. Measure, compare, and mix ambient and flash displayed on a color, touch screen for beautiful, controlled, results.
  • DTS Exposure Profiling matches the meter to the performance of your camera. Precise exposure and lighting starts with precise, repeatable metering.
  • Radio triggering and Flash Group selection w/Phottix radio receivers and flashes using the Strato protocol. . Flash Group selection with a touch of a finger.

For Filmmakers:

  • Cine/HD Cine modes for today's HDSLR and Video Cine cameras. Effortlessly switch between HDSLR and Cine for exact exposure settings in exact increments for both.
  • Infinite frame rate and shutter angle selection. Create special settings for special applications.Video cine cameras are becoming boundless. Metering should be too.
  • Unique, light-source filtration compensation mode. Finally, precise control lighting using industry standard CTO/CTB/ND types at the touch of a finger.
  • Illumination measurement and extended ISO range. Lighting design and exposure in a single tool. ISO and exposure settings to match today's digital cameras.
  • Exclusive 3-Year USA Warranty. (*requires separate Sekonic or X-rite exposure targets and 5-degree finder for L-478)

ARESII Features

  • 2.4GHz wireless remote.
  • Single pin hot shoe.
  • Support Canon / Nikon / Sony (MIS) / Pentax camera
  • 16 Channel system with 4 Group
  • 4 groups individual button control (A/B/C/D)
  • 4 digi code (0000 – 9999 channel 5-16)
  • Channel 1~4 support Strato II receiver or Indra 500.
  • LCD display with green back light (8sec)
  • LED for status.
  • Screw lock hot shoe.
  • Battery power with AA X 2
  • Limited Warranty 2+1 Year"
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