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Home Portrait Studio with TTL Speedlights

Free On Demand Webinar With Joe Brady

Look around your home. Where do you have extra space – basement, garage, small office? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create professional quality portraits in this space? Alternatively, would you like to build a studio kit that travels anywhere and can make good use of equipment you might already own? Join host Joe Brady as he explores the approach, gear and techniques needed to create beautiful studio portraits with TTL speedlights.

During this video sponsored by Phottix, Joe will put the Mitros+ flash to use and show how simple reflectors, umbrellas and a softbox can be used with these small, portable lights. See how you can make TTL automatic flash metering work in this type of environment and get perfect results with a minimum of adjustments.

You’ll be impressed with the portraits that can be made with just one flash and an umbrella, then see how adding additional lights and a reflector can add more dimension and shape to your subject. Join us for this free session and see how you can make beautiful portraits anywhere with TTL speedlights.

Equipment List

Mitros+ Flash
Odin Transmitter (both for Sony)
Varos Umbrella Mount
Phottix 2 in 1 Strip Softbox With Grid 35x140cm (14x56”)
Double Small Folding Reflective Umbrella 36" (91 cm)

Kupo C-Stand 40” with Turtle Base
Bowens Speedlight Mount




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